Love Your Smile Again With Conventional Dentures

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Full or partial tooth loss can not only affect a person's self-image, but can also increase the risk of developing nutritional problems and other health issues. If you're ready to begin your denture journey in Bozeman, MT or the greater area, visit Smile Prosthetics.

Once we consult with you, we'll get to work creating your conventional dentures. This process can take anywhere from four to six weeks. Once you come in for the final fitting, we can make any minor adjustments as needed.

Connect with our dental professional today to learn more about our denture care services. Be sure to ask about our insurance reimbursement options.

Why should you wear conventional dentures?

Choosing conventional dentures is a great way to help you get your radiant smile back. When it is medically necessary, you should wear dentures because:

  • They're designed to be comfortable and perform the functions of natural teeth.
  • Overall health and well-being are both increased because a wider range of foods may be consumed. Therefore, you can gain a more significant amount of vitamins and minerals naturally ingested through a variety of foods.
  • They give you a natural-looking smile.
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