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Implant dentures are removable dentures that attach to several implants in the same arch within the mouth. While conventional dentures only achieve less than 10% force and functional abilities, implant dentures can increase those capacities by up to 60%. Taking the step toward an even better and healthier smile means choosing Smile Prosthetics for an implant denture procedure in the Bozeman, MT area.

We'll make sure your denture implants feel comfortable and look as natural as possible. Contact us now to schedule a denture implant procedure.

Why choose implant dentures?

Nobody wants to lose teeth. If this happens, an implant denture can be a great solution to replace your natural teeth and some of the roots to give you your natural smile back. Many people are choosing implant dentures because they:

  • Look just like regular, natural teeth
  • Are more comfortable and stable than regular dentures
  • Allow you to maintain your natural chewing and biting
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